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#coffeecoffeecoffee - From Green to Tasty Bean (Introducing Our Coffee Roasters)

Some coffee shops, for a variety of good reasons, align with one particular coffee roaster. We have taken the approach of working with a few roasters and have enjoyed the diversity and flexibility that this has given us. Our current roasters occupy quite different tiers in the specialty coffee world and that too is quite interesting. So here is a shout out to these critical suppliers:

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Monthly Dinner - Tastes of Iran

July 25, 2014, 7:00 pm

We will be exploring the interesting and diverse array of flavors and foods from Iran this month. Iran and Persia are often used interchangeably but strictly speaking although the Persian empire was perhaps the largest in history, Persia or Persa is today only one of the regions within Iran. As the styles and flow of ingredients through regions is always fluid and hence borders on food are less distinct than borders of countries, we will focus as usual on flavors and dishes of the broader country without too much concern for whether one might call a dish Persian or not.

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